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Hello, my name is Zed, hybrid and very handsome, with a great body. this is not a story, but what happens on this site. I just want to thank Rachel and bf HETRE to notify us of each other crazy. I was away traveling for thought, what the hell I want to go for it and try to fulfill a sexual fantasy, and so I found this site and responded to an advertisement. tells me that day and quickly agreed that the matter even more exciting. Anyway, was overwhelming. I arrived and the girl was very nice. I am very sociable and so I felt easy. was so nervous I almost like the whole thing because I do not think I was able to carry it out, but whenshe came and kissed my lips and they went crazy. We could not get enough of each other. She was in heat and I have to say it was too much. There was no turning back at this point. grabbed my cock and talking dirty and made me asstr want more. II asked him if he liked what he saw and loved it - I'm not sure where you would normally not feel well. She just knelt in front of me and pulled my dick. She had this asstr big smile on his face when he opened his mouth and asstr just went for it. It was amazing, she got tired and had to drag a little later. had this short skirt, so I leaned over the back of the sofa. I just started playing with her ​​ass and pussy from behind. She was very wet and loving attention. I pulled her panties aside and played with her ​​pussy and she asked me to fuck off. I said I had to wait. I told him to bend, to pull her ass cheeks apart and forward. I knelt behind her and started eating her pussy. As soon as he touched my mouth, pushed hard. That was all I needed and ate it as if my life depended on it. started screaming, my cock was asstr so hard, throbbing, it swayed. Something I have never had before, I let my tongue his columnin the ass and went to the edge. She screamed and screamed for joy to do more. She opened her ass cheeks pushed harder and longer. I have a couple of fingers inside her pussy and contined to eat in the ass. I was so into what I did and everything in this time beacme and intense plaesure we lose each other. I was surprised that my tongue really started to go in her ass. asstr Meanwhile, I was ramming my fingers tightly in her pussy and she trembled all this attention. that had more to eat pussy, so he turned around. Stepped back, her ass was against the back of the sofa, and I train plunged into a leg over his shoulder. I could not get enough - the pussy tasted so good. She grabbed the back of the head and moved on me and was grinding her asstr pussy against my mouth. I do not even know where I am, until then, as in what he was doing, knew he had lost. I had to keep coming in her cunt and drink her jucie and grabbed l otherfor example, was there on my shoulder, and I asstr 'm wild. Now I was riding my asstr face and grinding on me so hard to get once in a while I struggled through the air. I remember pulling over to me and lifted me up in a movement that had risen in the air and stayed with her wrapped in my face. She just screamed and took me asstr over and took me right in the face. with all the noise I knew I was going to cum hard and fast and did not help trembling. if they stopped cuming I was still eating and make a little more of my body. she looked at me with glassy eyes like mine, and we started kissing hard. His tongue was everywhere, I wanted to try what I like. decided that we must put things in the bedroom, but that's another story - a story that lasted all afternoon and for me, I've never experienced before, but want to return. I have a high from that experience, but it was a year ago and I want to try again and hope that someone will find that those whoI like to be sexually charged. hope to hear from him Zed
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